HoneyRock Camp's Voyageur program pioneered their Isle Royale National Park trip in the Summer of 2021 and I came along to memorialize the experience. Two groups of high schoolers, their guides, and I all boarded a ferry after stowing our backpacking gear in its belly. We rode the ferry for six hours before arriving on the Island where the two groups split up to hike their separate routes. I operated independently, carrying my own food and gear. After hiking with the girls for a few days I split off and hiked by myself to meet up with the boys before we all converged back at the ferry. I knew most of the guides well so it was special to get to see them educate and empower their campers. Isle Royale is the least visited National Park yet it is the most revisited. The unique remote-ness was evident from the moment we got off the ferry and I can't wait to return.
After a few days with the girls I said goodbye and set off on my own to join the boys for a couple days before we all met back at the ferry to head home together. 

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